JIMCO UV-C Ozone Technology

Jimco A/S is the company behind some of the world’s most unique air and waste-water purification and sterilization solutions. Since designing its very first air-cleaning unit in 1993, Jimco A/S has not looked back.

Today, the company supplies its products to a large number of industries and institutions worldwide. Its customer base is comprising factories within the food industry, commercial kitchens, waste-water treatment plants, schools and nursing homes.

Mobile Air Cleaner

Compact Cleaners

JIMCO A/S specialises in the removal of nuisance odours using patented UV-C & OZONE technology.

Mac 500

MAC500 reduces the amount of bacteria, vira and mould fungis and is therefore also suitable in bacteria loaded environments.

Kitchen Grease and Pollution Control

Commercial Kitchens UK

Cleaner ducting, minimised risk of fire when cooking – the exhaust fan will operate more efficiently

Disinfection and Sterilization

Disinfection 2015 Low

Jimco A/S is the company behind some of the world’s most unique air and waste-water purification and sterilization solutions.

Process Air w/o Microorganisms

EU Environmental Award for Cleaner Technology. Using UV-C Technology, JIMCO has specialised in the elimination of microorganisms and odours.

FLO-D Mini

By simple use of the mobile FLO-D Mini air cleaner you will quickly and effectively make a disinfection and remove unpleasant odours from the air.