Commercial Kitchens UK

Cleaner ducting, minimised risk of fire when cooking – the exhaust fan will operate more efficiently.

The JIMCO lamps are which is installed behind the grease filters in the hood or, in case where this is not possible due to lack of space, in an enclosure immediately above the hood. Exposure to intensive UV-C light and ozone oxidation causes contaminants in the air to be destroyed, resulting in the reduction of odor emissions to the surroundings and no grease deposits in the ductwork.

Standard Features

  • Decreases risk of fire
  • Tested and dependable equipment
  • Reduces odour to the surroundings
  • No use of chemicals or deodorizing oils
  • No use of microbiology
  • Eliminates the need to regularly clean the hood and the kitchen exhaust ductwork
  • Maximum exhaust due to clean ductwork
  • Compact installation, needs only limited space
  • Immediate on/off function; etc.
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